Q. Is it a modular home?

A. No, modular homes are pre-built in the factory. We construct all of the components in our factories, but the actual home is site constructed.

Q. Is it a Pre-Fabricated home?

A. No, the Great American Dream Home is not a Prefabricated home. Prefab homes are built in sections and then transported to the building site and assembled. Manufactured homes are not attached to a basement or foundation. Also, manufactured homes are completely finished homes that are transported to the homeowner’s plot of land. The Great American Dream Home is not built in sections before it is sent. All of the materials are ready to be assembled when you receive them.

Q. Is it a mobile home?

A. No, it is not a mobile home. We deliver all of the materials disassembled, and once assembled the home is located where it was built, unless you think you can move (and in that case it would be a mobile home).

Q. What is included with the package?

A. You can find everything included in your package here.

Q. What’s not included in the package to finish the interior of my home?

A. Cabinets, paint, trim/molding, sheetrock, flooring choices, counter tops, plumbing, electrical wiring, light fixtures, bath fixtures, sinks.

Q. What’s not included in the package to finish the exterior of my home?

A. The exterior finish: stone, stucco, exterior solutions, vinyl siding. Concrete for the slab and driveway. Roof shingles, trim/moldings, soffitt and fascia.

Q. I understand you provide everything for the dry-in package, but what about finishing my home?

A. Finishing the details of your home is up to you and your discriminating taste.

Q. Who builds the home?

A. You the buyer choose how to construct your home, and are not limited to the local market place. Just as general contractors have done for years you can employ the services of local subcontractors to do anything on your home that you don’t want to do or are not experienced in doing.

Q. Do you have people who will help me build or is it all up to me?

A. We will provide contacts in your local market which will allow you to seek out and find tradespeople for any task you choose not to engage in.

Q. How are these homes environmentally friendly?

A. By minimizing unnecessary energy use and maximizing the energy that is used, the environmental impact is significantly reduced.  When you couple this approach with clean and renewable energy generation you now positively impact the earth and her longevity.

Q. How long is the construction time?

A.  Of course this depends on the complexity and size of the design, but because there is no need to “frame” the house construction time is greatly reduced.

Q. You mentioned less labor is required than traditionally built homes, so how much labor is necessary?


Q. If I install the wind and solar components and I produce more energy than is needed for my home what can I do with the excess energy?

A. Many power companies will purchase energy produced at various rates depending on your location. If you produce enough energy, you can make money “living” in your home.

Q. How can I make this work for my existing home?

A. The majority of existing homes were not built with energy efficiency truly in mind. There is a lot you can do to address this issue depending on your home and location. You must first address the energy envelope of your home (walls, windows, doors, roof), and then the appliances/fixtures (anything that consumes and releases energy) operating within the envelope. Once your home envelope has been properly sealed and you have maximized energy and minimized energy waste within your home it is time to go beyond “Green” to Clear. Producing your own renewable energy you can work your way up to completely off setting your energy expenses and possibly make money selling excess energy.

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