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Why American Dream?

Energy Efficiency
Energy Generation
AestheticsThe Great American Dream Home is more than just a home, it’s truly a dream come true. Imagine producing more energy than you use. This is accomplished through an understanding of building science technology, bringing you the ultimate home. When your home package arrives, all of the components are site constructed for a breathtaking result. Our energy system provides every aspect of comfort, convenience, quietness, peace of mind and cost effectiveness. A home in which you can enjoy life comfortably without ultra low utility bills or no utility bill at all, in fact, produce more than your home can use and sell energy back to your utility company. Make money “living” in your home.

Dreamed, Researched, Designed, Engineered, Tested, Manufactured, and Shipped Directly to You

  • The most affordable ultra energy efficient home on the market
  • Factory built site constructed
  • Qualifies for energy efficient mortgages
  • Meets and exceeds gov’t standards for energy efficiency
  • Meets and exceeds energy star criteria
  • Unique combination of products based on building science
  • All products are ASTM, NFRC, and CSA certified

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Energy Envelope
Exterior Wall System
Triple Glass Windows
Polyurethane Filled Triple Glass Doors
Natural Fiber Insulation
Concrete Insulation
Roof Truss System
Attic Guard
Web Energy Monitor

Ultra Performance Geothermal
Unique Duct Design

Energy Generation
American Dream Solar™ *Optional
American Dream Wind™ *Optional

Magnetic Induction Cooktops
Ultimate Garage Door Opener

DC Ceiling Fan

Solar Tube Lighting
LED Lighting

Water Savers
Instant Hot Water Delivery System
Hot Water Storage

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This week’s featured Home

*$791.22 per month
Total Living Area:
2000 Sq. Ft.
First Floor: 200 Sq. Ft.
Bedrooms: 3
Full Baths: 2
Garage Size: 2
Foundation: Crawl Space, Slab
Great American Dream Price *Delivered: $147,390
*Monthly payment and interest rates may vary based on your credit score and ability to secure a loan
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Manufactured Locally, Shipped Globally

Our innovative design employs many unique features which are unrivaled in the market today. After 30+ years and millions of dollars in research, the most affordable and efficient building system of its kind ins now available factory direct to you.


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