How We Do It

How We Do It

We take a comprehensive approach and address every detail of energy use and consumption. Our system includes the most optimum performance value products necessary to achieve energy independence. Beginning at the footing and foundation, we provide construction technique combined with correct performance value insulating products.
The System


We eliminate the migration of heating and cooling from inside to outside. Our wall system then stops all air infiltration, and provides a one step interior/exterior insulation giving increased productivity and eliminating the need for bracing, additional subcontractor labor and materials, which results in a wall that is 19 times stronger and 25 times more wind shear resistant than a 2×6, 16 on center wall. Click here to see more

Windows & Doors

Our exclusive triple glass windows and doors prevent the escape of precious heated and cooled air. This technology affords you the opportunity to have increased glass area without sacrificing efficiency. With practically any choice of design options the full line gives the ability to create dramatic features with arched, curved, angled and traditional styles available. there is really no limit to what you can do. Click here to see more


An uninsulated foundation can result in a large heat loss from an otherwise tightly sealed, well-insulated house. It can also make below grade rooms uncomfortable. Foundation insulation can result in lower heating requirements, and also helps in avoiding water vapor condensation problems, which is often caused by the difference in temperature between the basement interior and the earth around the foundation. Our concrete insulation system lends itself to both structure and foundation insulation at the same time. These systems are strong and energy efficient. Click here to see more

Although we believe that the wasted attic space of anequated home designs will become a thing of the past in the very near future. Our Natural Fiber insulation allow your attic to always be the same temperature as the outside air while preventing any heat loss or heat gain from the conditioned interior. Click here to see more

In addition to our natural fiber insulation, our Attic Guard is also installed in homes to further reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss, which helps lower heating and cooling costs. The barriers consist of a highly reflective material that reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it. Click here to see more

Geothermal HVAC

With the understanding that temperatures remain constant at 6 feet below the earth’s surface our freon copper based geothermal heating and cooling system achieves the most efficient way to heat and cool your home available today. Our system incorporates such unique features as a two speed compressor, variable speed DC blower, domestic hot water production, thermostat/humidistat and other benefits resulting in performance unmatched in the world today. Click here to see more

Duct Work

We provide all of our clients with a duct design for each Great American Dream Home. Duct work is a critical component in the operating efficiencies of heating and cooling equipment. Our unique duct design™ allows for up to 80% reduction in material and labor cost to install. At the same time we also guarantee a duct system design that will assure you that there will be zero duct work loss. 100% effective in delivering heating and cooling to every portion of your home or business. Click to here to see more


To reduce electricity consumption and to make use of renewable resources we have included LED lighting and solar tube skylights in all of our homes. Our LED lighting performs with better results at a fraction of the cost. Our Solar Tube Skylights allow for natural light to fill your home while blocking u.v. rays. Click here to see more

Water Use

Water is a valuable resource necessary for comfort and survival. We take water consumption as serious as we do energy consumption. Your Great American Dream System includes hot water storage and instant hot water delivery to each faucet in your home. Imagine hot water instantly each time you need it right at your fingertips. In addition we provide water saving sink faucets, shower heads and toilets for each water fixture. Click here to see more

To further increase water efficiency, American Dream has incorporated our instant hot water deliver system. A lot of precious water is wasted down the drain while waiting for hot water. Even worse is the cost to heat the cold replacement water, which enters your house at ground temperature. Our American Dream Hot Water Delivery System™ provides faster hot water, which saves water, energy and time. Click here to see more

Garage Door Opener

American Dream has even covered the garage Door! The energy consumption of our garage door opener is a mere 150 watts. The “Dynamic Power System (DPS)” enables the operator to use only as much force and electricity as needed. Due to an energy-saving toroidal core transformer, the operator requires less than 2W in standby mode.
With a typical operation of three open and close movements a day, a garage door operator only costs less than $1 per year! Click here to see more

Ultra Efficient Appliances

Our Energia Magnetic Induction Cooktop™ is the epitome of efficient cook tops. Because heat is transferred in the cooking vessel itself there is no wasted heat in the process. All of the heat is directly applied to the food. This technology will not produce excess heat in your kitchen(giving more work for your heating/cooling system), thus saving energy and money. Click here to see more

Exterior Solutions

Although the Great American Dream Home has unlimited exterior design options, we have two for your consideration. American Dream Exterior Solutions is a unique flexible, water proof concrete that can be hand troud or sprayed directly on to the OSB, giving you a one step, turn key stucco look exterior. Combine this with our American Dream Cultured Stone™ and you can create an exclusive expensive look without going over your budget.

Ours vs. “Theirs”





Pre-Insulated Non Conductive
6-1/2″ Wall


Triple Pane, 16 Low E Coatings, Krypton Enhanced Windows



Triple Pane, 16 Low E Coatings, Krypton Enhanced Glass
Fiberglass Polyurethane Foam Insulated Door



Photovoltaic Solar Modules



Frictionless 6kW Wind Turbine



Freon Copper Geothermal Heating/Cooling



Natural Fiber Insulation
Footing Concrete Insulation


Duct Work

100% Efficient Duct Work


Bath Ventilation

Humidity and Odor Removal System


Air Purification

Fresco Air Purification System



Unique Roof Truss System


Water Use

0.8 GPF Toilet
1.5 GPM Faucet
1.25 GPM Showerhead
Hot Water Storage System
Instant Hot Water Delivery System



LED Lighting
Solar Tubular Skylights


Magnetic Induction Cooktops & Cookware


Garage Door Opener

11 Watt Garage Door Opener



DC Ceiling Fan


Web Energy Monitor

Monitor Your Home’s Energy Use

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